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About Me
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Rodney Beckford

A Brighton based stills photographer with a wealth of experience working direct for agencies, production companies and brands. With a flexible and ever adaptable approach to the job of capturing great images, that help promote reinforce or deliver the messages you and your client want to convey. 


With a background in broadcast media, he's worked in the conferencing and event industry for over 20 years along side industry leading experts. "There's very little I've not experienced, seen or done via the electronic lens of a broadcast camera or digital stills lens."

At ease on the touchline of rugby, football or athletics, as at conference auditorium, break out room or exhibition space. The goal is always to capture images that impress the viewer with a feeling or emotion of the subject captured within. Stopping the viewer even if it's just for a moment to take in an image that both impresses and captivates them. 


Always relaxed, easy to deal with, professional and flexible in approach, and great to work with. Available for work up and down the country and across Europe.

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